Memorial Early Childhood Center

    Physical Education
     Children develop a foundation in Kindergarten physical education class. Many activities put their locomotor skills to work. They practice moving with others and using a shared, general space, while galloping, running, skipping, leaping, sliding, hopping, and jumping. They also learn to maintain personal space while stretching and learning basic exercises.
    They work on a variety of manipulative skills including rolling, tossing and catching, kicking, volleying and striking. They explore movement in different levels, directions, pathways and speeds. They learn creative movement through dance and how to control body movement with balancing stunts.
    It's a busy class that promotes teamwork and opportunities to improve social skills. With all the excitement surrounding the  opportunity for gross motor play, safety always comes first and polite behavior is encouraged. This is an important lesson for all children in Kindergarten.
    Children are asked to share, take turns, be respectful to others and to the equipment, follow all safety rules and strive to be the best they can be! 
     Please help your child remember to bring or wear sneakers on his assigned PE day and wear comfortable clothing. 
     To learn specifically, what your child is working on this month in his/her PE class, click on the Newsletter link in the sidebar.