• Fairy Tales

    Posted by Lisa Kaufman on 12/20/2013

    I'm happy to report that the students worked very hard over the last four days comparing and contrasting two different versions of Hansel and Gretel. They were asked to closey read the two versions, take notes using a graphic organizer and examain three major story elements (characters, setting, main events, theme and point of view). They then had to write a multi-paragraph essay how the story elements were similar and different and how it impacted each version. I'm looking forward to reading these over the break.

    If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
    - Albert Einstein
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  • Report Cards

    Posted by Lisa Kaufman on 12/13/2013
    I hope all of you took the time to read the enclosed letters that were in the report card envelope. I know it is a change for all of us. It is a snap shot in time working towards an end goal. Many students still need help with their basic math facts. Multiplication, division and subtraction facts are not fluid (automatic) as they should be in fifth grade. Please practice this with your child. If you need suggestions as to how to do this, please call or email me.
    I hope everyone will have a restful and relaxing weekend and not spend too much time rushing around different stores for last minute holiday gifts or at the grocery store stock piling food items. We do live in New England and this is just the first snow of the season. Drive safely and I will see your children on Monday. Please sign and return the report card envelope.
    Thanks so much,
    Mrs. K
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  • Fairy Tales

    Posted by Lisa Kaufman on 12/11/2013
    Frog Prince
    Next week we will wrap up our work on traditional literature with a focus on comparing and contrasting fairy tales. Fairy tales have many similar traits ex. element of magic, the importance of the number 3 and 7, a hero and villian ( good vs. evil), and the ending of happily ever after. Our class also noticed that fairy tales from the United States were much less violent and the cruel or evil characters and were not punished as harshly as fairy tales from other countries. I then asked them in what way was this different than other forms of media. We then had a lively discussion about how violent a lot of video games are that are targeted to kids and the violence in television and movies. I was proud of their insight.
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