Middleborough Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

  • Middleboro Special Education
    Parent Advisory Council

    What is SEPAC?
    The Middleboro Special Education Parent Advisory Council is a state and federally mandated group run by parents and guardians who have children with special needs. The purpose of the SEPAC is to provide parents of students with special educational needs the opportunity to discuss common areas of interest. We also advise the school committee about the education and wellbeing of its students with disabilities.

    Our Mission
    Our goal is to listen and provide resources to all families in an open and friendly environment. We are committed to building community awareness of social and educational inclusion, to educate, support and empower all families by providing necessary tools for self advocacy. Our goal is to present workshops, programs, educational materials, and other topics of interest to parents of children and adolescents with disabilities and to the community

    For More Information
    Please Contact:
    Nicole Kelly at president@msepac.org

    Pupil Personnel Office at (508) 946-2013