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    March Counseling Letter:

    Hi NMS Students!

    Congratulations – you’re almost two thirds of the way through this very unique school year! Your counselors are proud of you for adapting to this new normal. We wanted to share a few updates with you from our department:

    First, Mrs. Foley has returned from maternity leave and is working in the building every day! In her absence, you may have seen another counselor. If you were seeing Mrs. Foley before she went on leave, you will resume seeing her and should contact her with your concerns. Here is the caseload breakdown:

    • If you are a COHORT 3 student, your assigned counselor is Mrs. Foley. This includes Cohort 4 virtual homerooms Curtin, Manning, and Redpath.
    • If you are a COHORT 2 student, your assigned counselor is Ms. Moriarty. This includes Cohort 4 virtual homerooms Gomes, Laperriere, and Jesman.
    • Mr. Brandon is a School Adjustment Counselor available to any student; he helps out with all teams! Some of you see him regularly and can continue to do so.
    • Ms. Babul is a Social/Emotional Clinician working primarily with the Summit program, but in a pinch, she is available to help with all students.

    Second, if you would like to speak with your counselor, you need to fill out the Counselor Appointment Request form each and every time! We strongly recommend that you bookmark this form on your device! No one will be allowed to drop into the counseling suite without permission, nor will we be able to accept phone calls from teachers asking us to see you. If it is an emergency, please find the nearest adult and ask them for help. Here is the link: https://forms.gle/wqwxwMhFxN9QF4QS7

    Whether you are in the building every day, some days, or doing school fully remotely this year, we are proud of you. This may be a breeze or it may be your toughest school year yet, but no matter how you’re feeling, you are not alone! Whether you need to vent your frustrations, connect with resources, or learn coping skills and tricks to navigate middle school, we are here to help.

    NMS Counseling Department

    Ms. Babul (nbabul@middleboro.k12.ma.us)

    Mr. Brandon (tbrandon@middleboro.k12.ma.us)

    Mrs. Foley (lfoley@middleboro.k12.ma.us)

    Ms. Moriarty (mmoriarty@middleboro.k12.ma.us