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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Dr. Seuss Week
In honor of Dr. Seuss, the students of MKG dressed up as favorite Dr. Seuss characters!  Thank you to all of the guest readers for volunteering your time to the students!  
Dr. seuss 2  Dr. Seuss 3 Dr. Seuss 4 Dr. Seuss 5 Dr. Seuss 6 Dr. Seuss 7 Dr. Seuss 8 Dr. Seuss 9 Dr. Seuss 10 Dr. Seuss 11 Dr. Seuss 12 Dr. Seuss 13 Dr. Seuss 14 Dr. Seuss 15 Dr. Seuss 16 Dr. Seuss 17 Dr. Seuss 18 Dr. Seuss 19 Dr. Seuss 20 Dr. Seuss 21 Dr. Seuss 22 Dr. Seuss 23 Dr. Seuss 24
Pennies for Patients 
The final count is in!  The Student Council is extremely proud of the efforts and generosity of this community.   As a school, we far exceeded or goal of $1,000 and actually raised $3,971.60!
Congratulations to Mrs. Magnett's 3rd grade class for raising over $600!  They will be the recipients of a $50 gift card to spend on classroom items.
Again, without all of your help and support this charitable project would not have been possible.  MKG is truly a community that cares. 
We have created a new form for informing the office staff of a change in pick up or a change of bus.  Fill out the top and bottom portion of the form.  The top copy the office gets and the bottom portion the student keeps to give to the bus driver or at the pick up line.
Weatherman Michael

Weatherman Michael Page

Thank you to all the students and families and staff who participated in the half day hat day.  Together $500 was raised to help a family of a Mary K. Goode student who is battling cancer. 
Another $227.45 was raised for the fight against Children's Cancer.  Thank you to those that participated in in this "Go Gold" event!
The Boosterthon Fun Run was a great event and great day had by the students and staff.  It was great to see the students running with students from other classes.  Great job to our PTA for organizing such a great event for the students of MKG! 

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Mission Statement

The Mary K. Goode School is committed to educating all children in a safe, collaborative, academically challenging and socially conscious environment where diversity is celebrated, respect is paramount and the needs, integrity and differences of each child are met as we develop life-long learners and productive global citizens.

Core Beliefs and Values

• We believe in the development of critical thinking, cooperative learning, collaboration and problem solving skills provided in a risk-free environment through the use of innovative and authentic learning experiences.

• We value our commitment to educational excellence while providing a safe and secure environment that supports teaching and learning.

• We believe the safety and education of our children is the most important responsibility of our community and requires a partnership between family, school and community to maximize the potential of all learners.

• We value the importance of educating all children by creating partnerships between family, school and community in order to maximize the potential of all learners.

• We believe in teaching and guiding Mary K. Goode students to be responsible, culturally aware and contributors to the betterment of the global community.