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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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  • January 25, 2015

    Posted by Paul Branagan at 1/25/2015

    Week of January 26 – January 30, 2015


    Hello Sachems!  I hope you had a great weekend!  This past week was truly one of the most difficult weeks our school has ever had.  With the tragic death of Nathan Childs, it brought our school to a complete stop.  However, as our school stood still for the dark days on Sunday and Monday…something truly amazing happened.  As we opened the school on Tuesday to the student body…we witnessed an entire school community come together.  Each of you allowed our school to simply “BE” on that day, and the support that you gave to each other was emotional and heart-felt.  We realized how precious life is…and how quickly things can change.  However, this tragic experience has brought our school to be closer than ever, and I could not be more proud of each of you and all you gave to the family and friends of Nathan Childs.  Also, thank you for checking in with your teachers to make sure they were alright…that really meant a great deal to each of them.  This past week is something that I will never forget.  I was talking to a dear friend over the weekend about all that took place, and she shared something with me that I thought was a perfect message to you and our community.  She said, “If you really want to honor Nathan, empower the people around you.  Empower them.  You can go through this, or you can grow through it.”  I thought her words were quite powerful.  I read a quote over the weekend that really spoke to our school.  The quote, “These are tough times.  You need to know that these tough times did not come to stay, they have come to pass. You need to know it, and you need to believe it.  They will pass and you will be left to decide your future.”  I think as we slowly begin to heal and the sorrow that so many of you felt over the last days transforms itself to be a void in our hearts.  You must determine how you fill this void through the promise you made to Nathan.  Remember that orange light that you raised into the sky to touch him…and the strength of his light shining down on you. So, over the many weeks to come…be there for each other, listen to each other…and lend a shoulder or a hug.  I know that my promise to Nathan as I raised my orange light into the sky was to give each and every student at MHS a place to call home, and to find ways to have each of you…and those who will come after you…to truly light up their stage!  Thank you for being such an amazing student body this week.  I have never been more proud to serve you as your principal. Here are a few items for the week ahead.

    1. Sachem Shout-Out:
      • This week is very important to our school.  We will begin Second Semester and the start of new beginning for each of you!  I encourage you to assess your goals and ask yourself, “Am I meeting the goals that I set for myself this year?”  One of the great aspects of the new semester is that it is fresh start to begin creating new habits.  Your teachers have been asked to raise the bar in all levels and to prepare you for excellence.  Are you ready?  I wish each of you the very best for a great and rewarding semester.  I have confidence in you for excellence.       
      • To the MHS Concert Choir…you truly amazed me so many times this week.  Please know…each time you sang this week…your strength inspired each of us!  Thank you for being who you are. 
      • To the MHS Football Team and Cheerleaders…thank you for a wonderful banquet on Sunday.   Our school needed a true boost of Sachem Pride, and your wonderful celebration was exactly what we needed!  Thank you for including me in your celebration.
    1. Final Exams ~ Make-Up Day
      • Just a reminder that final exams MUST be made-up this week for any student who was not able to complete exams last week.  Please work with your respective teachers to make those arrangements.  Make-up exams can be done with your teachers, or with any member of the administration.
    1. MHS Open House ~ Wednesday, February 4, 2015
      • The high school will host an open house as we begin second semester on Wednesday, February 4th from 6:30 – 8:00pm.  Please let your families know they will have an opportunity to meet your second semester teachers. 
    1. Biology MCAS ~ February 2 & 3, 2015
      • Just a reminder to our freshmen who took Biology first semester that you will be sitting for the Biology MCAS Test on Monday and Tuesday of next week.  Mr. Dizel will be sending out information to each of you regarding your testing location this week and other important reminders about this very important test. Students who are beginning Biology this week will sit for their Biology MCAS in June.
    1. Scheduling ~ 2015-2016:
      • Attention all members of the Class of 2016, 2017 and 2018…the Guidance Department will be located in the cafeteria during all four lunches to help any student with their schedule for next year.  Please know if you have not gone into Aspen to select courses for next year…you must do so.  The portal will be closing soon.  Please see your guidance counselor with any questions regarding your schedule for next year.
    1. Home Winter Games of the Week:
      • With the many changes with the home games over the last week….I want to wish all of our athletic teams well this week with the many home and away games that are taking place this week.   
    Have a great week and be good to each other, and remember…”It’s all about the experience.”

    Branagan J


    We Are Sachems!

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