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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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  • MCAS Prep Environmental Quest

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  • Summer Enrichment:
    This year, your summer enrichment work will encompass three different assignments for students in English and Math.  This work will be based on skills that we believe as a school will help guide you through the beginning of the upcoming year.  Your summer information and assignments can be accessed from the Middleborough High School website and literature will be sent home with report cards in late June.  All summer enrichment assignments are due on September 9, 2016.
    Additionally, many classes, such as AP Classes will have Summer Work that must be done before the beginning of the new school year.  Please plan yourself accordingly.  A little bit each week and help your achieve success and start the new year strong!
    Please check out the MHS website and click on the Parent & Student Tab to locate all of your materials electronically. 

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  • Graduation Photos by Northern Images

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  • Class of 2017 ~ Senior Class Trip to Florida
    Do not forget to sign-up for the Class of 2017 Senior Class Trip to Florida over April vacation! Sign-up with me in the main office!
    You do not want to miss out on this one-in-a-lifetime experience!


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  • All students in grades 9–11 will receive the FIRST DRAFT of the courses you have been registered for next year. This class listing will be distributed during a brief advisory on Friday, May 27. You will receive a letter from your guidance counselor outlining how to make any changes that you deem necessary. 

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  • Career Fair Video

    Produced by Craig Salvador
    Camera: Craig Salvador & Nathan Bishop

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  • Program of Studies 2016-2017


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Sachem Shout-Out

  • Congratulations to the MHS Television Production Students for their incredible sweep at the MOVE Contest last week!  You have made your school proud!
  • A note of thanks and appreciation to the numerous members of the National English Honor Society who participated in the Relay for Life this weekend.  Your commitment to this very important cause is just plain awesome.  Thank you for your leadership!
  • Congratulations to Jack Andrade who represented MHS at the annual MASS Star Leadership Conference last weekend.  Your commitment to leadership does not go unnoticed.
  • Congratulations to Cody Soderlund who represented MHS at the annual HOBY Leadership Conference last weekend. You truly define leadership!!
  • Congratulations to the new STW Officers for the 2016-2017 School Year. 

  • To our Concert Choir for their amazing voices as they performed at Senior Last Assembly and Graduation.  Your voices were beautiful!
  • To the MHS Band to their help in the graduation exercises.  As always, you sound amazing.
  • To the Student Council Executive Board and Class Executive Boards, thank you for all of your help and service as you help seat hundreds of family and friends at Graduation on Saturday.  Your commitment did not go unnoticed.  Thank you!
  • To the TV Production students…thank you for capturing the special moments of graduation.  We would be lost without you!
  • Congratulations to all of our students who engaged in the MCAS Biology Exam last week.  You worked hard and we could not be more proud of you. 

  • To the cast and crew of the “That’s Entertainment 38”…CONGRATULATIONS on a great show!  Comic Con was well done…and really brought our community together!  It was so awesome watching each of you perform.  A great weekend for Middleborough!
  • Congratulations to all of our art students for the outstanding art pieces on display the Art Show on Friday.  Our gym was crowded with parents, community members and current and future Sachems…and all were in awe of your work.  I was so proud to see your creations!  Well done!
  • Congratulations to the MHS Band for their participation in the Memorial Day Events at the Town Hall.  Your participation is truly appreciated!

  • Congratulations to the newest members of the National Honor Society and the Silver M Society.  The induction on Thursday evening was amazing.  Well done!
  • Thank you for the many student athletes that attending the MHS Athletic Leadership Workshop on Friday evening.  It was so good to see so many of you leader beginning to “Write your own story”.  Sachem Pride
  • Thank you to the close to 100 seniors who attended the very powerful Senior Night.  For all those involved…it will be an evening we will never forget. 
  • Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for an outstanding Car Show on Saturday.  The event was very successful. A special note of thanks to the Class Officers for their work in making this event such a complete success.  Job Well Done!
  • A note to thanks to all of our athletic teams as they will complete their final games of the season this week.  Congratulations on what you have accomplished for our school.  I look forward to seeing the tournament games. 

  • To the members of our Band, Concert Choir, Orchestra and Sachem Singers…thank you for a wonderful night of talent and music at the annual spring concert last Wednesday.  It was a great night!  I was so very proud to be in the audience watching all of you.
  • Congratulation to the Class of 2017 for hosting a wonderful Junior Prom.  The night was beautiful! A special note of thanks to Dan Seifert, Hailey Kosh, Becky Lamoureux, Maia Daschke and Mike D’Errico for your leadership in the planning of the Junior Prom.  Your hard work paid off!  
  • Congratulations to Levi Michaelis and Lindsay Woodward for being named Prom King and Queen at the Junior Prom on Saturday night.  
  • Congratulations to the Baseball and Softball Teams for clinching a spot in tournament plan last week!  Job Well Done!
  • To our spring athletic teams for their incredible work to make Middleborough proud!  I look forward to being name the numerous games to watch Sachem Pride in action! 
  • A special note of congratulations to Maryssa Bouldry for being named the 2016 Christian Herter Scholarship Recipient.  This scholarship is given to Maryssa for her outstanding academic achievement and her leadership and perseverance in and outside of school.  Maryssa will attend a very special ceremony in her honor at the Massachusetts State House in late May.  We are so proud of you, Maryssa!

  • Thank you to the Student Council, Majorettes, MHS Band, Concert Choir/Sachem Singers and the Cheerleaders for your commitment to making the Special Olympics Pep Rally the best yet!  The Sachem Pride was incredible on Friday!
  • Congratulations to all of our Special Olympics Athletes on your competition on Saturday.  We know you brought home the Gold!
  • Congratulations to the MHS Concert Band and Orchestra for an outstanding benefit concert on Saturday evening for Autism Speaks.  The concert was wonderful.
  • A note of sincere appreciation and congratulations to the 102 students that were inducted into the numerous Academic Honor Societies last Thursday evening!  It was a very proud night for Middleborough!
  • Congratulations to Victoria Woodward and Brendan Chipman for being named the 2016 Patriot League All-Stars from MHS! Thank you for your commitment to Sachem Pride!
  • A special note of thanks to the group of juniors who participated in the EPP Testing Protocol this week.  From all accounts…you worked very hard on this exam.
  • To the large number of juniors who participated in the SAT Exam on Saturday…thank you for your commitment to this important exam.
  • HUGE congratulations to the Middleborough High School Futures Program for their prestigious award that was given to them at the Massachusetts State House on Monday!  You truly represent the best in the Black and Orange!
  • To the MHS Band and Orchestra!  I could not be more proud of you and the commitment to giving back to the community.  The concert to benefit Autism Speaks was a testament to our performance groups and the family that you are!  You are amazing!  Thank you for representing the Black and Orange!

  • Thank you to everyone who came out to support the MASBA Golf Tournament this weekend! 
  • Thank you to the students in the AP Math Program for participating in the Math AP Saturday Session, which was held at MHS.  We clearly represented quite well from all accounts! 
  • Congratulations to the new officers to the MHS Student Council.  I am very proud of the leadership step that you are taking.  Our school is in good hands next year!
  • Congratulations to the MHS Futures Program for receiving the 2016 Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education from the Massachusetts State House for your incredible work within our school through your work with the compost garden and the building of the Supply Shed.  I am so excited for your visit to the State House on May 2.  Good stuff!
  • To the many student council members who worked the Town Meeting as vote counters!  Your civic duty does not go unnoticed! Thank you!
  • Congratulations to the following students who were named by the American Legion to represent Middleborough High School at the following:  Girls State:  Hannah McCarthy and Carla Pelton; Boys State:  Logan Borges; Student Trooper Program:  Josh Bonino, Jared Canto, Logan Borges, Sean Hart and Haley Brack.  We are so very proud of each of you!  You will represent MHS quite well at your respective events this summer!
  • Thank you to the Sachems that participated in the Walk for Hunger in Boston on Sunday!  You really are difference makers!

Senior Trip 2016

  • To the seniors who attended the Senior Trip to Florida, I could not be more proud to be your principal!  What a great week we had celebrating your high school career in the Sunshine State!  The week was filled with great memories. 
  • Thank you to Ben Carey, Donald Finlayson, Jessica Baldassini and Angela Foley for representing MHS at the MA Student Athlete Day at Northeastern University this week.  Thank you for being our voice at this very important event.
  • Congratulations to the Boys Lacrosse Team for their first win as a team at MHS.  We are so proud of what you are adding to the spirit of the school.  Job well done!!
  • A huge note of congratulations to Mike D’Errico for being elected to the Regional Executive Board for Student Council, SEMASC.  Job well done!!  To the members of the Student Council who attended the Spring SEMASC Conference in Carver on Wednesday, you represented our school with tremendous pride and leadership.  Thank you, Chris Dupuis for leading SEMASC for the past year.  We are so proud of your accomplishments in your role as delegate.  You are truly a difference maker!
  • Thank you to the members of the GSA for bringing the very powerful Day of Silence to MHS.  Thank you to everyone who showed their support with either their participation in the event…or wearing the ribbon on Friday.  It was so great to see so many people wearing ribbons and participating.  Good stuff!
  • To the over 200 students who will be are in their final week of preparation for their respective Advanced Placement Exams, which will begin on Monday, May 2! We believe in you and are behind you as you engage in these very rigorous exams! 

  • A note to luck to Chris Dupuis and Mike D’Errico for their upcoming elections for SEMASC, which will take place on Wednesday of this week!  We are quite proud of what you have accomplished!  You are ready!
  • To the MHS Student Council for being named a 2016 NASC Gold Council of Excellence.  I am beyond proud of the work you have done to receive this prestigious national recognition.  Good stuff, Sachems!
  • Thank you to the member of Rho Kappa (History Honor Society) for your outstanding service during the Living History Tours at the Oliver Estate.  It was so great to watch you engage history. 
  • Congratulations to Abby Ethier for her wonderful honor of being awarded the Dr. Richard Gross Memorial Scholarship for Nursing.  The ceremony was quite beautiful.  Well done, Abby!
  • Congratulations to Dan Seifert and Sara Micciche for being selected to participate in the Massachusetts Art All-State.  What a prestigious honor!  Great Job!
  • To the music students who participated in SESMBA this weekend.  Thank you for representing MHS!
  • To our Spring Athletes…well done on a great opening week of the season!  We love victorious Sachems!
  • To each of you who took your mid-semester examinations serious and with the amount of studying and preparation that you did…your hard work will pay off in the end!  Good job! 

To Jake Ethier and Hannah McCarthy for representing MHS at the Student Government Day in Boston on Friday.   I was so proud to see that you were both leaders in the Senate!  Good stuff!

To our Spring Athletes who are showing what Sachem Pride is all about!  The first of many games begin this week!  I can’t wait to see the Black and Orange leading the charge…on and off the field!

Congratulations to Brendan Chipman and Isaiah Gabriel for being named the 2016 Russian Scholar Laureates.  Job well done!

Congratulations to the following winter athletes who were selected as Brockton Enterprise All-Scholastic for the 2015-2016 Winter Season
             Swimming:  Noah Yeskewicz, Alyssa Lusardi and Lauren Foley
             Track & Field:  Mackenzie Allioth
          Basketball: Lauren Empey
Congratulations and THANK YOU to the MHS Music Department for representing our school in Montreal this weekend.  I know you made us proud!

To YOU…for your dedication to finishing the term strong.  I am very proud of the dedication each of will take this week to complete of your mid-semester exams.

  • Good luck to our spring athletes who begin their spring season with games and competition this week.  I love this time of year!  I can’t wait to see many of your games and meets! 
  • Congratulations to Jamie Ekstrom and Allison Ekstrom for representing MHS at the Women In Sport Day in Boston last week.  You are both shining examples of a student athlete and a Sachem!  Thank you for you for your commitment to the Black and Orange.
  • Thank you to Ben Sangiolo and the Class of 2016 Executive Board for your planning of the Class of 2016 Mystery Ride!  It was a great time for the class!  It is hard to believe we are approaching your final term of high school.
  • Congratulations to Sawyer Thomas and Stephanie Beaumont for being the nominees from MHS for the Dave Cowen’s Achievement Award program for Basketball!  A great representation of Sachem Pride.
  • A note to appreciation for the close to 80 students who attended the kick-off meeting for the That’s Entertainment 38!  I am very much looking forward to a great show in May!

  • Congratulations to the MHS Majorettes for an outstanding competition on Sunday and for being named the 2016 New England Majorettes Champion! You were amazing!  Be proud of your undefeated season!  Job Well Done!
  • Thank you to the Speech and Theatre Workshop for their participation in the School Committee Showcase on Thursday!  I was so proud to sit in the audience and watch your perform pieces from your performance of “Love and Information”.  Good stuff!
  • Thank you to the close to 40 AP Science Students who participated in their respective AP Mock Exams on Saturday.  From all accounts, you worked hard on your exams!  Thank you for your commitment to your academics!

  • Congratulations to the members of the Student Council for an outstanding representation at the annual state conference for Student Council.  The Student Council was named a Five Star Council and received the Gold Council of Excellence Award. Also, special congratulations to Ian Gilson for receiving the James Rokas Award for outstanding leadership. Finally, a special note of congrats and appreciation the 26 student council members who attended the state conference for plunging into the Atlantic Ocean to help raise money for Special Olympics.  It was great plunging with you all! 
  • Thank you to Doug Botelho for your tremendous leadership on the MASC State Executive Board.  You truly represented MHS with conviction, compassion and Sachem Pride!  Thank you for your service to the State of Massachusetts!
  • A special note of thanks and appreciation to Ben Sangiolo, Sarah Walgreen, Maddy Littlefield, Mikenna Conley and Hunter Sidentopf for their incredible talent as they served as the media crew for the MASC State Conference in Hyannis!  Check out their conference video on the TV Production website!  Outstanding job!
  • Congratulations to Gabi Donohoe Megan and Ashley Barry for representing MHS at the YMCA Youth and Government Program in Boston this weekend.  Your commitment to this program is outstanding.  Thank you for bringing your voice to this program.  We are very proud of you!
  • Congratulations to the members of the Band and Orchestra for an outstanding night at the Pops Concert on Friday evening.  You sounded incredible as your brought dance music from the past decades to life in our Gym.  Also, the Drum Line was truly outstanding.  Job well done!
  • Congratulations to the MHS Majorettes for an outstanding performance in your competition on Sunday at MHS.   Open Class received first place.   Class A placed second, and Novice received first place. Onto the Championships next weekend!  Sachem Pride.

  • Congratulations to our small group of students who participated in the MCAS English and Math Retest last week.  You worked very hard to overcome this hurdle…and I feel confident that you have conquered it!  Well done!
  • Congratulations to the Girls Basketball  Team for representing the Black and Orange at your tournament game on Wednesday evening.  Regardless of the outcome…we could not be more proud of you, and your tremendous TEAM.
  • Congratulations to Brendan Chipman and Isaiah Gabriel for being named 2016 National Secondary Russian Scholar Laureates.  Nice job, my friends!
  • Thank you to the 40 students to participated in the Mock ACT Exam on Thursday afternoon.  You spent four hours testing and practicing for the real ACT test. Your hard will pay off…believe me!  Thank you for your commitment to your studies. 

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! To the Cast and Crew of STW who were instrumental in creating “Love and Information”!  It was an outstanding show!! A note of congratulations is in order to Mike Tortora and Craig Salvador for Video Design.    Also, to Katie Bell and Meghan Boucher for Acting. Job well done! 
  • Thank you to the close to 40 AP Science students who attended the AP Saturday Session at Plymouth North on Saturday! 
  • Thank you to Cam Amaral for serving on the Police Advisory Committee.  It was a true pleasure joining you for the meeting on Saturday at the police station. 
  • Thank you to Jake Ethier for completing and submitting the rigorous application for the National Association of Student Councils Council of Excellence Program.  Fingers crossed!
  • Congratulations to the MHS Futures Program for their outstanding work on the “Shed Project” for the MHS Garden.  The Futures Program was nominated for the Excellence in Energy and Environment Award for their collaborative effort with the MHS Science Department in the maintaining of the MHS Garden.  Job well done!

  • Congrats to Mackenzie Allioth for his competition in the High Jump at the State Championship Meet on Saturday and ranked 12th in the state.  Well done Mac!
  • Our Swimmers had an outstanding showing at the state championship meet over the vacation and captured outstanding scores.  Congrats to Lauren Foley, Alyssa Lusardi, Olivia Shaw, Madison Studley and Abbey Bailey to their appearance in the State Championship Swim Meet at Boston University on Friday evening.  You truly represented the Black and Orange!
  • Congrats to the Girls Basketball Team for taking a spot in Tournament Play.  Hard work pays off!  Good job!
  • Congratulations to the Majorettes who competed this weekend at MHS.  The team placed FIRST in the Open Class Competition. Also, the A Class Team placed third.  You were simply amazing to watch!  Well done, Ladies!
  • Congratulations to the 52 students to were inducted into the Nothing But A’s Club (NBA) last week.  You did an outstanding job academically throughout first semester.  Keep up the great work!
  • Congratulations to Liam Bingham-Maas, Betsy Brayton, Arianna Dones, Brian Gallagher, Zach Hinds, Josh Robinson, Ben Sangiolo and Skyla Carrasquillo for their acceptance into the SEMSBA Festival.  Awesome!  Thank you for representing the Black and Orange at this most prestigious music event.
  • Congratulations to the 98 members of the Class of 2017 for being nominated for the Koplik Award for Mastery of Distinction.  This award nomination in large part for your outstanding performance on your MCAS Exams last year.  Good stuff!
  • Thank you to the Student Council for all of their work in making our celebration of Mr. Dizel and Mrs. Jameson a complete success!  It was a great Assistant Principal’s  Day celebration!
Scholastic Art and Writing Awards!
The Scholastic Art and Writing Alliance/Boston Globe has a legacy dating back to 1923 and is the longest running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in our nation.
The Alliance partners with more than 100 visual and literacy-arts programs nationwide to bring the Awards to local communities each year. Students in grades 7-12 can apply in 28 categories of art and writing for the chance to have their works published or exhibited.  The Awards are the nation’s largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers. In just the last six years, more than 60 top arts institutes and colleges have partnered with the Awards to make $40 million in scholarships and financial aid available to Scholastic Award winners. The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in conjunction with the Boston Globe, is the Regional Affiliate for the State of Massachusetts.
Submissions are juried by a panel of noteworthy professionals, some of whom are past award recipients. The judges look for works that “best exemplify originality, technical skill and the emergence of personal voice or vision”.
Congratulations to MHS high school artist, Sara Micciche, who won a Silver Key for her sculpture “The “Dr. Seuss Bobble Head”, and to Jason Bean for his Honorable Mention for his “Self- Portrait”  inspired by Albrecht Durer.
The Scholastic Art Entries of these Young Artists will be on a special display at the annual Celebration of the Arts Show this coming May!

  • Congratulations to the following swimmers for their outstanding swim meet on Saturday and qualified for the Sectional Tournament.  Well done Alyssa Lusardi, Lauren Foley, Olivia Shaw, Abby Bailey and Madison Studley.  Sachem Pride!
  • Congratulations to Morgan Briggs for placing second in the Patriot League Diving Competition and being added to the All Star Squad.  Well done!
  • Congratulations to Tyler Morano and Noah Yeskewicz who were selected to as Patriot League All Stars at the League Swim Meet this weekend.
  • Congratulations to Lauren Foley for placing third in the 200 free at the Patriot League Championships!
  • Congratulations to Ben Carey with a second place finish in shot put at the Patriot League Championships in Boston
  • Congratulations to Corey Pooler for a second place finish in the high jump at the Patriot League Championships! 
  • To the members of the Student Council for hosting an incredible Winter Ball on Saturday night! To the Winter Ball Chairs: Delaney Brennan, Kevin Donohoe, Hannah Kaplinger and Kayla Hodge…the gym looked amazing!  Also, congratulations to Jack McKenna and Ally Littlefield for being named the 2016 Snow King and Queen!
  • A HUGE SHOUT-OUT to all of our students who participated in the Biology MCAS tests last week!  I hope you felt confident in your ability for be successful on this exam!  We believe in you!
  • Nothing But A's Club ~ New Members Inducted
    We are pleased to announce that 68 students were inducted into the Nothing But A's (NBA) Club on Wednesday, February 10, 2016
    with a very special recognition breakfast for achieving Nothing But A's for Semester I. Outstanding Job!!

Joe Sclafani Signs with Mass Maritime
Congratulations Joe!!

Mass Maritime

Congratulations to the MHS Football Team and Cheerleaders for a wonderful banquet on Sunday
You both have so much to celebrate from an outstanding season.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. Congratulations to Sarah Cote and Ilana Thomas for being named the 2016-2017 Cheerleading Captains.  Also, congratulations to Jason Bean, Mac Allioth, Matt Doyle, Matt Rossi and Sean Hart for being named the 2016-2017 Football Captains!  Sachem Pride!
Congratulations to Sara Micciche and Jason Bean for being named Boston Globe Scholastic Art Winners
Sara won a Silver Key for her sculpture/mask of Dr. Seuss and Jason received an Honorable Mention for his self-portrait in charcoal.  Job Well Done!

Congratulations to Jaime and Allison Ekstrom who will represent Middleborough High School at the National Girls and Women in Sports Day on Friday.
Thank you to the Class of 2016 for an outstanding job with the Battle of the Bands competition on Thursday
The crowd was rocking!

Thank you to the members of the National Honor Society
for sponsoring the Cocoa Cram as you helped prepare and guide many students toward success on their final exams. 

Congratulations to Craig Salvador for being named the 2016 Lip Sync Champion at the Annual Lip Sync Competition, which was held last Wednesday. Thank you to the Class of 2017 for sponsoring such a great event.
Congratulations to  Nik Enos and Cody Braga
Nik Enos was honored January 23, 2016 by the Massachusetts State Baseball Coaches Association. Nik received an award as the Most Valuable Player for the Division II State Championship Game held last spring at the Brockton Rox Stadium. Nik pitched six strong innings against Danvers, allowing them three hits and striking out six batters.
Cody Braga, Class of 2015, was also recognized as the Most Valuable Player of the Division II Tournament. Job well done, gentlemen! 

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