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  • Food Drive at MKG

    Posted by Karen Vaughan at 10/23/2014

     MKG Food Drive

    Recently on our field trip to Boston, a student in my class, Savanah Guilbeault, was profoundly affected by the homeless we saw on the Commons. A few days later, she came into school and told me that her birthday was coming in October and if I could guess what she asked for. Unlike the response I expected, she told me she asked all her family members for food for the homeless. That was all she asked for. This was an insightful moment. How many kids would give up their own wants to help others they don’t know? This inspired conversations about how we could make this bigger. Savanah, along with other students, has taken the opportunity to create a school wide food drive.  All donations will be sent to St. Vincent De Paul.


    Dates of Food Drive: 10/21-10/28


    Canned and boxed food can be brought into three collection areas: the lobby, outdoor classroom door, stage

    I would like to thank you for all your support and cooperation in this matter. It is awesome to see a student make such a selfless choice.


    Please contact me with any questions. 

    Mr. O’Brien

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  • MKG Harvest Dance

    Posted by Karen Vaughan at 10/20/2014

    2014 Harvest Dance

    Thank you to all of the teachers and donors who made the Harvest Dance a success.  Our DJ, Brian Giovanoni kept all of the students dancing in the gym, volunteers applied tattoos, helped children create crafts and sold glow sticks. While in the cafeteria teachers were selling pizza and popcorn to a hungry group of parents and children.

    All of the money raised during this event goes towards the purchase of summer books for MKG students.  Again, many thanks to all to donated or helped at the Harvest Dance.

    MKG teachers  costumed kids MKG boys Fancy costumes MKG Firemen Dancing Dancing Queens
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  • Grade 2 Students Vote!

    Posted by Karen Vaughan at 10/14/2014

    Elections in Grade 2

    Students in Mrs. Thompson’s second grade class were recently visited by the Middleborough Town Clerk, Allison Ferreira. Mrs. Ferreira spoke to the class about the election process, demonstrated how the ballot box collects and tabulates the number of votes. Mrs. Ferreira also brought a ballot question before the second grade students:  Which dog tag should be the official dog tag of Middleborough?  The students were able to go through the election process from checking in at the polling place, filling out an official ballot, putting their ballot in the ballot box and awaiting the results. The winning dog tag was the bone shaped tag! 

    I voted! Ballot box The ballot Counting Ballots
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  • MKG Students attend M.A.R.C. Student Leadership Training at Bridgewater State University

    Posted by Karen Vaughan at 10/8/2014


    M.A.R.C. Student Leadership Training at Bridgewater State University


     MKG students at BSU
    Members of the fifth grade Leadership Team from MKG recently spent a day at Bridgewater State University. The Leadership Team was invited to participate in a peer leadership training program sponsored by MARC (Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center) . Prior to attending the training, the students participated in a whole school MARC assembly. During the assembly students became aware of bullying, what is it, what it looks like and what students can do to prevent and help stop bullying at their school. At the Bridgewater State University leadership training, the students brainstormed and discussed potential and existing bullying situations, problems they have encountered and solutions to these problems. A school action plan was created by the team. The Leadership Team will work with the MKG Student Council throughout the year to carry out their action plan. 
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  • Goode News

    Posted by Karen Vaughan at 9/23/2014 10:35:00 AM

    Goode News

    September 23, 2014

    The school year is off to a good start.  I truly enjoy working with the teachers and children.   I am impressed with the caliber and work ethic of the staff. They are open to collaboration, have a great spirit and joyfully celebrate each day.  It is a pleasure to lead this community at the Mary K. Goode School. 


    The students are polite, stop me in the halls to say good morning, share their answers to the morning geography trivia question, and wish me a good afternoon on their way home. I have enjoyed teaching math in the classrooms and telling them the ‘Jack Tales’. 


    My goal of creating a larger sense of community with the entire school is a journey in progress.  We have had school meetings with the children in grades 3-5 establishing expectations of a respectful audience.   Connecting the youngest and oldest students at lunch has also provided an opportunity for the fifth graders to have a reason to set a good example. 


    The initial role of the fifth graders helping to remove lunch trays of the younger students helped in reducing traffic in the lunch room and gave them an opportunity to be of service.  I would normally continue this practice as it is most beneficial in creating a sense of self worth and contribution to the larger school community.  But in light of the recent outbreak of a virus that has spread across the country and hospitalized several children in the Boston area, it is prudent to decide in favor of the health of my students.  To this extent, as of today each student will be responsible for discarding their own lunch refuse and emptying their own tray, thus minimizing the potential for the spread of germs.


    I am looking forward to seeing you tonight at open house. Additional parking will be available via the playground gate at the side of the building.



    Dr. Chet Delani

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  • Goode News

    Posted by Karen Vaughan at 9/3/2014

    Welcome to MKG

    First, we would like to welcome everyone back to Mary K. Goode for the 2014-2015 school year. We had a successful opening two days of school.  Our bus rides went smoothly as did our parent drop off and pick-ups. If there were any delays, we appreciated your understanding and cooperation.

    This year students are entering their classrooms directly from the buses or parent drop-off. This has created a quiet and calm entrance to school in the morning. Students have an opportunity to chat quietly with friends, unpack their backpacks and organize for their academic day. This also allows ample time for students to go to the cafeteria for breakfast.

    Allergy Aware

    We have an Allergy Aware table available for students with food allergies. If your child has a food allergy, please make sure that our school nurse Mrs. Santos is aware of the allergy. Our cafeteria serves only nut free food. If your child sits at the allergy table, he/she may invite a friend who purchases a hot lunch to sit with him/her.  All other cafeteria tables will be mixed with a combination of hot lunch and lunches brought from home. If your child is in a designated Allergy Aware classroom, you have received information on appropriate snacks to send in with your child. We appreciate your help in keeping all students safe in school. Please be aware that the Middleborough Public School Wellness Policy (2014) states “Classroom parties for holidays and other special occasions will not include food items for preschool through grade 8.” We appreciate your support by not sending in food items for birthday and other celebrations.


     Dismissal from MKG is at 3:20 pm. Students taking the bus are walked by their teachers to the bus line. Students who have a note stating they will be picked up by a parent/guardian will be dismissed from the back door by the outdoor garden. Please do not arrive before 3:05 to pick up your child. The waiting area is next to active classrooms and the noise can cause a distraction to teachers and students. Please make sure you have completed all permission/registration forms and have a license or other official ID when picking up students. The safety of our students is our primary concern.

    Open House

    Please plan to join us on Tuesday, September 23rd for our MKG Open House. Families are invited to visit MKG starting at 6:30 pm. Please stop by to meet classrooms teachers and our special area teachers, tour the school and your child’s classroom. Don’t forget to stop by the office and say hello! This is a wonderful time to learn more about your child’s class and have an opportunity to sign up to volunteer.


    Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. If it is a classroom concern, your child’s teacher should be the first point of contact.  Mr. Delani’s preferred method of communication is speaking with parents either by phone or in person.  Please call the office to set up an appointment or speak with him by phone.
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Mission Statement

The Mary K. Goode School is committed to educating all children in a safe, collaborative, academically challenging and socially conscious environment where diversity is celebrated, respect is paramount and the needs, integrity and differences of each child are met as we develop life-long learners and productive global citizens.

Core Beliefs and Values

• We believe in the development of critical thinking, cooperative learning, collaboration and problem solving skills provided in a risk-free environment through the use of innovative and authentic learning experiences.

• We value our commitment to educational excellence while providing a safe and secure environment that supports teaching and learning.

• We believe the safety and education of our children is the most important responsibility of our community and requires a partnership between family, school and community to maximize the potential of all learners.

• We value the importance of educating all children by creating partnerships between family, school and community in order to maximize the potential of all learners.

• We believe in teaching and guiding Mary K. Goode students to be responsible, culturally aware and contributors to the betterment of the global community.